ICAAC 2015 Presentations

Summit presented new preclinical data on SMT19969, its novel and selective antibiotic for the treatment of C. difficile infection at the 55th annual Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (‘ICAAC 2015’) meeting held in San Diego, USA, September 17th-21st 2015.

A total of two presentations were given by Summit’s collaborators and these are available for download below:

SMT19969 has good activity against prevalent Clostridium difficile ribotypes with varying antimicrobial resistance

J Freeman, J Vernon, R Vickers and M.H. Wilcox (Poster C-618)
This study assessed SMT19969 against 107 clinical isolates of C. difficile that had been selected to maximise the diversity of the isolates resistance to key classes of commonly used antibiotics.  The results show that SMT19969 was highly active against all C. difficile clinical isolates, displayed superior potency against C. difficile isolates compared to vancomycin and metronidazole, and comparable potency to fidaxomicin.  SMT19969 displayed no evidence of cross-resistance with other classes of antibiotics in routine clinical use.


Mutant Prevention Concentration values of SMT19969 against Clostridium difficile isolates using a modified microbroth dilution method

J.M. Blondeau, S Shebelski, R. Vickers (Poster D-212)
The study evaluated the mutant prevention concentration (‘MPC’) of SMT19969 to determine the drug concentration threshold that blocks the growth of the least susceptible cells present in bacterial populations.  The results show that SMT19969 had low MPC values against clinical isolates of C. difficile and provide further evidence supporting its low resistance development profile.