Summit Therapeutics and its collaborators gave a series of poster presentation at the 22nd International Congress of the World Muscle Society, held in Saint-Malo, France, from 3-7 October 2017.

The presentations include validation data of muscle biopsy biomarkers designed to assess utrophin modulator activity in clinical trials that have been developed in collaboration with Flagship Biosciences, a leader in quantitative tissue-based biomarkers. In addition, baseline characteristics of patients enrolled into Summit’s ongoing Phase 2 clinical trial, called PhaseOut DMD, will be presented

A total of seven presentations were given by Summit and its collaborators and these are available for download below:

Analytical validation (based on CLIA & CLSI standards) of utrophin-laminin alpha 2 and MHCd-laminin alpha 2 duplex immunohistochemical assays using Computational Tissue Analysis (cTA™) for evaluation of Duchenne muscular dystrophy therapeutics

C. Faelan; J. Tinsley; A. Milici; S. Moore; J. Patterson-Kane

Computational alignment of duplex immunohistochemically-stained muscle sections in support of therapies for Duchenne muscular dystrophy

L. Cerkovnik; J. Patterson-Kane; K. Ryall; A. Milici; J. Tinsley; S. Moore; C. Faelan

PhaseOut DMD: A Phase 2, proof of concept, clinical study of utrophin modulation with ezutromid

F. Muntoni; K. Maresh; K. Davies; S. Harriman; G. Layton; R. Rosskamp; A. Russell; B. Tejura; J. Tinsley

Collection of high quality muscle biopsies for use in DMD clinical trial analysis; process development and implementation

J. Tinsley; D. Frank; J. Dworzak; C. Faelan; J. Patterson-Kane; H. Wolff; F. Muntoni; PhaseOut DMD Study Group

Circulating miRs biomarkers for therapeutic monitoring in utrophin based DMD therapy

N. Ramadan; S. Guiraud; B. Edwards; S. Squire; S. Hemming; K. Davies

Identification of serum protein biomarkers for utrophin based DMD therapy

S. Guiraud; B. Edwards; S. Squire; A. Babbs; N. Shah; A. Berg; H. Chen; K. Davies

Discovery of small molecule utrophin modulators for the therapy of Duchenne muscular dystrophy

G. Wynne; A. Vuorinen; E. Emer; D. Conole; M. Chatzopoulou; S. Davies; A. Russell; S. Guiraud; S. Squire; A. Berg; B. Edwards; S. Hemming; T. Kennedy; L. Moir; K. Davies; S. Harriman; J. Tinsley; F. Wilson